Volunteers Needed - Update

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 19:31
The SJM needs volunteers to help develop the organisation for the future. There are various roles in different projects available so please put yourselves forward to help make a difference.
IT/Web Project: Build out and administer internet and web based communications platforms. Helping the Mosque reach out via its Internet site and other social media to members of the community and the wider public. Be part of a team with this exciting opportunity to help design a multimedia communications platform and deliver a comprehensive suite of comms.
Skills requirements and Objectives
1) maintain your web presence
a. Website and on-line updates    
  • Updating the website with new stories:  accessing the content management system uploading photos, PDFs editing articles using a textbased editor.
  • Updating the mosque's social media presence. Monitoring social media on a regular basis

Experience: Social media such as Facebook Twitter, whatsup, BBM etc
Competent with Microsoft Office particularly Word. 
Experience preferred but not essential:  A  very basic understanding of HTML/ CSS

b. Website maintenance   

  •  Managing back-end of the website up-to-date in terms of security and module updates
  •  Support structural changes as part of the SLA or separate agreement
Experience: (Abdul-Wahid/Zamir)
Experience preferred but not essential:  (Abdul-Wahid/Zamir)
Volunteering Roles
IT / Website Team Leader
IT professionals
2) formulate a marketing and communications strategy
a. Your first goal should be to implement an overall Mosque branding exercise. 
  • Review what we have and expand on the brand and to implement a roll-out

b. Consider a marketing and communications strategy.
Volunteering Roles
Media / Communications professionals

History Project: Be part of a team in which you will receive training and be able to deliver in oral interviewing techniques, references and archiving. The project is aiming to achieve a national archive presence at the Mosque culminating in a Heritage Centre. Within the project team you will be working alongside internationally recognised academics and external organisations as well as the public.
Skills requirements and Objectives
a. Working and supporting professional heritage experienced in implementing an overall history project plan   
  • You will receive training and be able to deliver in oral interviewing techniques, references and archiving
  • Work as part of a team 
Experience: Competent with Microsoft Office particularly Word and a keen interest in Mosque history 
Experience preferred but not essential:  An understanding in project management
Volunteering Roles
Project Management assistant
Keen individuals wanting to work in a team and with the community
Other areas volunteers sought for;
1) Legal
2) Human Resources
3) Fundraiser
4) Finance - ACC qualified professionals
Interested individuals please submit your CV to office@shahjahanmosque.org.uk.

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