UN Interfaith Harmony Event At Shah Jahan Mosque

Friday, January 25, 2013 - 17:42

A UN Interfaith Harmony Event was held at The Shah Jahan Mosque on 17th January 2013. The Rt. Revd. Christopher Hill, Bishop of Guildford, Woking People of Faith, Shah Jahan Mosque and Surrey faith Links organised the event in commemoration of the UN Interfaith Harmony Week. The event was held at Shah Jahan Mosque on the topic of: ‘Growing Good Relationships Between Faith Communities’ Imam Hashmi welcomed everyone and stated how Shah Jahan Mosque always aims to promote harmony between communities; he was followed by Bishop Christopher who invited them to discuss ideas for faith communities to get involved in local action. Kauser Akhtar (Faith Links Adviser) explained the reason for the lights and decoration in the mosque was in celebration of the birth of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Coincidentally, it was the exact day in 1913 that Abdul Baha came to the Mosque for the re-opening and it was the first multi faith event at the Mosque. The attendees split up into groups to gather ideas for local community based work, followed by lunch. It was a very fruitful event, friendships were formed and there were some good examples and ideas of positive action.

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