Temporary Mosque Closure

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 10:28


It is with a heavy heart and careful consideration that the Shah Jahan Mosque Committee, Trustees, Funeral Association chairmen and Imams have decided to implement serious measures to protect the public from the Coronavirus pandemic.

We know every believer has a deep affiliation to the Masjid, however we do not want to take the risk of this virus spreading and harming people in our community.

With the best interest of the community in mind, the following have been *suspeded until further notice* from today Wednesday *18/03/20*

• All the five daily prayers and Jummah Salah will be suspended

• The Adhaan will be called 5 times a day by the Imam

• Madrasa and all classes including tuition are suspended

• All sports activities will be suspended

• All external school visits will be cancelled

• No funerals, khatams, puris or nikkahs will be conducted. The two Funeral Associations will be releasing guidelines in regards to funerals tommorow.

Please respect the decision that has been taken which is based on the recent goverment guidelines aswell as advice from the NHS and Ulema.The Mosque gates will be locked until further notice.

We humbly ask you for your support and understanding during this difficult and testing time. We pray that Allah SWT grants everyone relief and cure during this very difficult time.

Some religous services will be available at homes depending on each each case for e.g duas, khatams, Nikkahs. Please contact our office or Head Imam for more information

SJM Management

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