Friday Prayers

There are currently two Jummah prayers being offered at the Mosque. The first Jammat is at 12:30 and the second at 13:30. The first Jummah is lead by Shaykh Naveed Arif  and the second by Imam Hafiz Saeed Hashimi. A short talk is delivered prior to the Khutba in Urdu (13:30) and English (12:30) to cater for the whole congregation. The Mosque carpark has a limited number of spaces so please arrive early to ensure a parking space. We do advise all local attendee's to walk to the Mosque if possible as this is more rewarding and helps decrease congestion. When the carpark is full we request everyone to park with due consideration and not to park illegally or obstructively to ensure the saftey of the local community. We also have facilities for women to prayer jummah in prayer hall number 2.

Marriage / Nikah

The Mosque offers the services of the Imam for carrying out the Nikkah ceremony for those who wish to get married under the Islamic law. The ceremonies can be held at the mosque and this can be organised by contacting us on

Funeral Services

The Mosque also has a fully equipped Ghusl (washing) facility for receiving and washing the deceased. The Mosques funeral team are available by request to assist and guide individuals and families with funeral and burial arrangements.

The Mosque is a registered charity and all the work is undertaken by volunteers and there is always a need for new volunteers who have relevant experience and skills that can benefit the community, please contact us via email if you would like to get involved.