Saturday, May 28, 2016 - 16:59

As most people are aware the Mosque halls were flooded recently due to the heavy rainfall. The Mosque prayer halls were affected especially hall number 2, The amount of rainfall was totally unexpected and the drains were unable to cope with this. Water was also coming from the ground level as well as the roof. All Praise to Allah SWT who undoubtedly shows his might through different channels and the weather being one of this. Swift action was taken to ensure the halls were cleaned, dried and ready to be used for day to day prayers as well as our large Friday congregation. We would from the bottom of our hearts like thank all those involved in the clear up operation, there was such a great response from the muslim/non muslim community which is really appreciated by us all. In particular we would like to thank karcher from knaphill and gibbs and dandy from Woking who supplied equipment and materials to aid the effort, in some cases items were donated which was a really kind act. A great lesson was learnt from this that when people work together for the sake of humanity great relationships are formed and community ties made stronger. After Ramadan we will be having the roof on the halls replaced and this is a project which was already in the pipeline before the flooding occurred, further details of this will be released to the public in due course. We will also be having a brand new carpet put in the affected halls once we have the roof replaced and will start fundraising for this once we have firmed up a contract with a roofing specialist. As Ramadan is fast approaching and the Mosque needs to be fully accessible during this period it’s important we start any works after this period. Once again we would like to thank all those involved, from the volunteers to those who simply prayed for us through this unsteady period which has come to pass as Allah SWT says in the Holy Qu'ran " Verily after hardship comes ease".

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