The Mosque actively promotes and encourages greater learning and understanding of Islam by both its regular congregation and also non-Muslims.

Our Evening School (Shah Jahan Madrassah) runs from Monday - Friday 16:30pm – 18:30pm is for the children of age groups 5 years to 16 years. We also have a weekend Madrassa which starts at 11:00am-13:30pm. Madrassa is currently running as normal, if parents wish to enroll their children into the Madrassa they can do so by visiting the education office during Madrassa hours. For further enquiries please contact us via email on We have highly dedicated, experienced & qualified teachers who are trained “Health & Safety” rules, and they are all DBS checked.

We teach the children The Holy Qur'an with Tajweed rules, translation of selected Surahs & Hadith of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Children memorise selected Surahs by heart (Hifz). They are taught the Seerah of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), Khulafa-e- Rashideen & Ahli- Bait-e-Rasool (peace be upon them.) We also teach them the history & hard work of the pious saints & Imams (R.A) In Islamic Studies they are taught Hadith, Fiqh/Islamic Jurisprudence, Tehzeeb (Islamic Manners) & basics of the Arabic Language. The Madrassah students are given regular training of delivering speeches, Nasheeds, Naa’ts & an Islamic Quiz.

There are also number of classes for adults from beginners to those you are have a more advanced understanding of Islam.


School/Group visits

Schools, colleges and other organisations and individuals interested in visiting this historic landmark please use the Educational Visit Booking Form.

General tours

For tour enquiries please send an email to We always welcome visitors 7 days a week who wish to learn about the history of the Mosque and about Islam.

You are welcome to visit the Mosque, we are open from morning to evening you do not need to book a visit to come and see the Mosque this is only for a tour, educational talk and a Q&A session.

Dress code

As the Mosque is a place of worship we humbly request that visitors dress modestly and for women to cover their heads as a sign of respect.

Educational Classes for Adults Taught By Hafiz M S Hashmi & Sister Kauser Akhtar

Saturdays and Wednesdays evening class for women and girls of all ages. Taught in English, Urdu and Punjabi Tajweed, Hifz of small Surahs, Basic Islamic Education, Q&A taught by Imam Hashmi. Islamic studies in English taught by Kauser Akhtar (Faith Links Adviser) Mens’ Quranic Nazra classes, daily after Fajr, dhuhr and Isha prayer taught by Imam Hashmi Come and attend Dars -e-Hadith daily after Zuhr prayer. Text of Hadith on various topics with interpretaion such as: Ibadah (Worship), Peace and Harmony within the Society, Love for the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and Social Issues etc. Delivered by Imaam Hashmi For further information please contact Imam Hashmi directly. E: M: 07854 025 056