Classes Led By Imaam Hashmi & Sister Kauser Akhtar

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 15:24

Educational Classes for Adults Taught By Hafiz M S Hashmi & Sister Kauser Akhtar

Ladies classes time has changed to 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm every Wednesday and Saturday (this time will continue to change as prayer times change, please contact Imam Hashmi for further details of time changes. M: 07854 025 056 or E: Saturdays and Wednesdays evening class for women and girls of all ages. Taught in English, Urdu and Punjabi Islamic studies in English taught by Kauser Akhtar (Faith Links Adviser) Ladies only dhikr gathering lead by Sister Kauser Akhtar at Shah Jahan Mosque every Friday at 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm (times will change as prayer times change, please contact Sister Kauser for further information. M: 07878 444855 E: Tajweed, Hifz of small Surahs, Basic Islamic Education, Q&A taught by Imam Hashmi. Mens’ Quranic Nazra classes, daily after Fajr, dhuhr and Isha prayer taught by Imam Hashmi Come and attend Dars -e-Hadith daily after Zuhr prayer. Text of Hadith on various topics with interpretaion such as: Ibadah (Worship), Peace and Harmony within the Society, Love for the Holy Propher (pbuh) and Social Issues etc. Delivered by Imaam Hashmi For further information please contact Imam Hashmi directly. E: M: 07854 025 056

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The Shah Jahan Mosque is offering free food packs for those in need. Please get in touch if help is required:


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